From origins as a small one-man apiary on the outskirts of Waitakere Ranges, Auckland in 2008, NZQueenbee Honey today is still a family owned business but has grown significantly in number of employees. With our very own bee hives located in some of the most remote and unspoiled areas of Waitakere Ranges, North Island, a commitment to quality and a willingness to meet customer’s requirements, our products are sourced from pure and clean undisturbed natural environments, free from synthetic chemicals and contaminants. Knowledgeable and skilled staff turn nature’s raw ingredients into a wide variety of food, dietary supplements and cosmetics that will delight you.
NZQueenbee Honey should be your first contact for bee products.

Our beekeepers are some of the most experienced in Auckland, New Zealand. Led by our Master Beekeeper SamYoung Kim, our team is very passionate and dedicated to producing the finest quality Manuka honey, Native floral honey, Bee Pollen, Propolis and fresh Royal Jelly.



Started Beekeeping based on little Huia
in Auckland,New Zealand


Expanded beehives and beekeeping sites.
NZQueenbee Ltd. Business License registered.
Registered in New Zealand Beekeeping Association as a member.
Building honey processing plant begin.


Performed OEM export sales of 100 Ton to China annually.
Opened Honey processing facilities located
In Auckland, New Zealand


Registered RMP(Risk Management Program)
With MPI(Ministry for Primary Industries)NZ


Contracted Shanghai, China on exclusive distributorship for NZQueenBee Honey.


Performed total annual sales volume of 300 Tons.
Registered NZQueenBee Ltd trademark.